Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paten Park, The Gap (AKA Nursery Park)

After reading my post about Wittonga Park on Hilder Road in The Gap, Adam reminded me about the Nursery Park over the Payne Road side of The Gap. I'd completely forgotten about this park so it was off for a quick revisit. Map is here.

The park is called Nursery Park as it sits in front of the nursery (duh) but also because the nursery theme has transgressed to the park itself in the form of the "shopfronts" which have been created. There is flowers to spin, a walk in greenhouse, a delivery truck, a water tank and a florist shop. All pretty cool. The bits Cody loves are the pretend sink in the greenhouse (my girl loves pretending to wash her hands for some reason) and the bit Mika loves is the spinning flowers. Side note: I was thinking the other day about how I have an extended duty of review now that Mika is old enough to be interactive. So you'll get the parks suitability for a four-ish year old and an under one.

Also worthy of mention is the spiderweb which sits off to the side. I've no idea what these climbing frames are really called but we call them spider webs and this one is a great net like structure which you can lie on and roll around in. The climbing frame is also impressive - it has a bell at the top which I find really spurs the kids on to get to the top.

Behind the park sits a dog off-leash area and between the two there are a couple of picnic tables (none covered or with a BBQ).

I remember when came here when we first moved to The Gap and met an extraordinary lady and her son. It really made us feel that this was a great move for us. Unfortunately The Gap wasn't a great move for me, but we did meet some awesome families along the way.

The nursery theme makes this a lovely little park. Cody and I agree its around a 6.


Age Groups: The playground has tried to cater to all ages with the toddler friendly aspects but also adding some elements which require the skill set of a slightly older kid.
Kid Friendliness: The kids have always been cool here.
Parent Friendliness: Ditto - the parents have always been cool here.
Shadiness: there is a sail cover in place playground is shaded by a canopy of trees
Tricked Out: the nursery theme is cute (not sure it qualifies as tricked out though)
Picnic/BBQ: not a picnic or BBQ park
Shabbiness: gets a bit of rubbish but overall pretty clean
Toilets: no toilets
Hovering Required: It's small enough that you don't need to hover
Bring Yr Bike: I was going to say no, but when we were there a mum was teaching her son to ride without training wheels across the slope of the grass.
Crowded: not at all
Wow: a cute theme - will really impress the younger set

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