Monday, July 18, 2011

The Alphabet Two Ways IS HERE!

Happy days, a box full of The Alphabet Two Ways has finally arrived. Cody opened the box and said "I'd like to read that book" and I said "you made it!" and she went "oh yeah". It was a funny three year old moment.

I'm really super happy with it.

So there is a PayPal option up on my website should you feel the need to have one in your hot little hands. It's $10 and postage is $4. If you have a child who is in kindy or school let me know and if I have enough copies left I will donate one to their library. At the moment I'm looking already to need to have a second print run (assuming I sell a few copies and cover my costs to order a second run).

I have to say, my friends are being amazing and supportive. Strangers are being amazing and supportive. Thanks so much.
I've started a Facebook Page for updates. My poor friends have been spammed via my Facebook page enough so with a dedicated page at least I can channel my updates to those that want them! It would be great if you pressed that LIKE button...

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