Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wittonga Park, Hilder Road, The Gap

If you are following our trails you'd know we now live in the Alderley/Enoggera/Newmarket area however we did a brief stint in The Gap for a while. Wittonga Park was our local park at The Gap and signals an interesting time of learning in Cody's life (from 2 to 3) and thus worthy of a revisit from time to time. Map is here.

A simple park with a main play structure surrounded by a few swings and climbing frames, this park is typical of local parks at The Gap - brightly coloured plastic features, installed in the last ten or so years, overshadowed by amazing surrounding park or bushlands. During our stint in The Gap we scoured the place and this came up as the best of the bunch (yes, better than the dual park next to The Gap Village which we never actually warmed to).

This is where Cody learned to climb across the floating poles (see image below as I know they have a proper name and I just don't know it) and the climbing frame and grew a love of scaling large walls and other structures. This is the park which really fostered and developed the features she has come to love in playgrounds. Do your kids have a place like this?

Clientele wise, we've always met lovely people at this park - which I found strange because we were very much the odd ones out at The Gap so it was good fortune to find kindred among the playground goers. The kids were lovely, typically older kids from the Hilder Road School just across the road.

To the side of the park is a little bridge which goes across Fish Creek and leads to the massive oval which has a bike path around its edge. The bike path is often filled with walkers, kids learning biking and dog after dog after dog. At the very back of the oval is the most wondrous thing - a bmx track. Can you believe it!?! Composed of dirt tracks and dirt mounds of varying degrees, I'm so impressed that amidst the skate parks (which have unfortunately gone the way of the razor scooter) there is a place for kids to do BMX tricks.

All in all, not a bad little park for a local. it deserves at least a 6 rating for the playground, but higher if you are bringing the BMX.


Age Groups: The playground has tried to cater to all ages with the toddler friendly aspects but also adding some elements which require the skill set of a slightly older kid.
Kid Friendliness: The kids have always been cool here.
Parent Friendliness: Ditto - the parents have always been cool here.
Shadiness: there is a sail cover in place playground is shaded by a canopy of trees
Tricked Out: not at all.
Picnic/BBQ: not a picnic or BBQ park - there is one table only
Shabbiness: gets a bit of graffiti every now and then but overall pretty clean
Toilets: there is a toilet block in the vacinity
Hovering Required: It's small enough that you don't need to hover - this said, if they start running towards Hilder Road there are lots of cars and some big drains - but you'd have to seriously have taken your eyes off them for a full minute for them to get that far
Bring Yr Bike: The playground itself is not good but its surrounded by a bike path
Crowded: not super crowded but definitely popular
Wow: none at all (unless you head over the bridge and walk to the BMX track!)

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