Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jubilee Park (AKA Tree Park)

Jubilee Park (on Fletcher Parade - off Coopers Camp Road in Ashgrove/Bardon) has been a favourite of ours for a while now. We've played there when we lived over that side of town, we have friends who lived nearby and had picnics there but - best of all - CK's cousin Henry lives nearby and is always on hand for playing. It's situated on the Ashgrove/Bardon border - the map can be found here.

The sun was setting so I only got a few dodgy photographs - plus it was super crowded and I'm always trying to take care not to include other folk's children in pictures I post on the internet. So a couple of teaser images to give you an idea, however I think the map link best gives scope with how huge the whole area is, including the ovals. I mention the oval as this is the one park where the oval seems to get used frequently. You know how most parks have an oval off to the side, however it is completely barren of activity except if there happens to be Saturday morning cricket? Well Jubilee Park seems to break free from this oval as ghost town model. CK and her cousin always make a mad dash and run straight into the centre - I've no idea why this park is more conducive to this but the chasing game seems contagious and at any one time there are often toddlers and young children breaking free into a massive run across the field.

There are always groups picnicing here - and you do need to picnic as there are no BBQs here (but there are across the road in another park). I've enjoyed a picnic at this park (as part of a group where I was the only person who had a child so everyone else was there for the picnic rather than the playground) and its a really lovely place to spend the afternoon under the canopy of trees which covers the playground entirely. It can get dark and cold so bring a cardigan if you are visiting late in the afternoon or on a shady day).

This is a lovely climbing park. There are three separate climbing frames - your standard tent like frame (this one has a possum on the top - most have a giant spider for some reason), a climbing wall (which CK at a very tall four years old seems a bit small for) and a more advanced frame which has a variety of climbing platforms and seats which dangle from within it.

There are the standard swings (two separate areas - one for the big swings and one which has a double set of the baby swings), a see-saw, a variety of music making tools (drums and a xylophone) and the lovely hill slide (seen at the Milton Park - which we will be reviewing soon - and the Enchanted Forest) which CK loves so very much. Its certainly got enough for the bigger kids (with the climbing and the ovals) and the little kids (with the see-saw, swings and slides) so it makes this a great park for families with kids of different ages.

CK is away today but I'll get her to add her rating shortly. I would give it 7. If this was your local then you'd be pretty darn happy, but its not in the league of the "wow" parks like Colmslie, Kalinga or the Enchanted Forest.


Age Groups: It caters for all ages quite well.
Kid Friendliness: normally I'd say it was friendly - there have been a couple of brutish kids recently which have put me off a little - I think because its a climbing park it does attract older kids who are sometimes a little rougher.
Parent Friendliness: most parents have been good but there have been a couple of jerk parents there recently too (to go with the brutish kids). I'd suggest if you do have younger kids and want to try this park out go during school times.
Shadiness: wonderful canopy of trees
Tricked Out: the climbing frames are very nice
Picnic/BBQ: some tables and benches but the BBQ is over the road (too far away for you to try and be at this park but BBQ your food)
Shabbiness: always litter and graffiti free
Toilets: no toilets
Hovering Required: No you can see everywhere in the park from wherever you stand. As I say, the kids are prone to running out into the fields here so be prepared for that!
Bring Yr Bike: No there are no bike paths here. Across the road (with the BBQ) I think there are, but its a separate area altogether
Wow: there are a couple of things here which make CK really excited, but its not going to knock your socks off.

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