Sunday, June 12, 2011

ANZAC Park Update - BBQ report

A quick update on how ANZAC park rates for a BBQ/picnic. The result is fantastic!

We have a tradition of breakfast BBQs with our pals and when we saw the facilities at ANZAC Park earlier in the week we knew this was going to be a great hosting venue and arranged a breakfast BBQ for the upcoming weekend! As it turned out, one of the people we invited was already taking their kid to meet some other friends kids there at the same time, so it was a great turnout kid wise. Cody ran off with her friend Madeline for most of the morning (I could see them from the BBQ area no matter where they were in the park!) leaving me to look after Mika and enjoy some breakfast burritos (which were super yum). I think we'll be heading here for breakfast BBQ with or without a crew of friends - its totally manageable to do by yourself and would be super fun.

Please note, I thoroughly recommend the breakfast BBQ. Breakfast lends itself to BBQ so much and you ALWAYS get the BBQ at the park as everyone else saves their BBQ for lunch. Let's face it, the kids are already up at that hour and ready to hit a park so it really kills many birds with one stone. You just have to make sure to plan your trip via coffee stop offs (or is that just me?).

Please also note, we did this BBQ during Brisbane's recent cold snaps, which makes us totally hardcore breakfast BBQ and playground junkies...

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