Sunday, May 15, 2011

Teralba Park

Teralba Park is a massive sprawl of ovals and playground situated in Everton Park. Map is here. We have several close friends who live nearby and a few people have previously had picnics/baby showers at this park so we've run its course quite a few times.

What makes this park special is the sense of change and adaptability that the park has undergone over the course of its lifespan. I'm not sure the history of the park, but its old and is filled with old school entertainment like a hedge maze and sandpit. In contrast, there are flying foxes and the little theme areas (in this instance a pet store and a cafe) which are very much new school in Brisbane park design. The park used to have a water pump which the kids could pump and send water pouring down the hill by the slides, but of course that's been removed post-water restrictions in Queensland. There really is a sense that this park has seen many decades of design and functionality.

Despite it being completely crowded with kids and parents every single time we've visited, we've never once forged a friendship with another kid or parent. I tried small talking one parent on our latest visit but to no avail. But that's not really an issue at this park. Some parks are so small that a cold shoulder from a child/parent haunts you throughout the park, but this has so many nooks and hideaways that you barely cross paths with the same person twice. We went with a friend this time, but in our previous visits CK hasn't pined for other kids or felt disadvantaged because she was there alone. It's a self-entertaining park.

There are a few pergolas so its quite the ideal park for a picnic and is always strung with balloons for parties. The pergolas are situated a hundred meters or so from the park itself, so if you have younger kids you'll have to walk over to the park with them as you won't be able to completely spy them from the picnic areas. Lots and lots and lots of grass for ballsports and running.

It's really run down in a sense, but not too grotty or dilapidated. I guess it comes across more as well loved. I think this is a favourite for locals and is really worth a travel to just to see some old school attractions.

CK was having a moment with ratings and not quite getting the "out of ten" thing and rated this at 13 and I would give it 8.


Age Groups: over 4s for unsupervised play, younger kids would need to be watched closely (lots of gravel to pick up and eat and bigger kids rushing about)
Kid Friendliness: everyone gets along but no one really talks to each other
Parent Friendliness: see above
Shadiness: lots of shade
Tricked Out: old school
Picnic/BBQ: lots of areas to feast
Shabbiness: its shabby, but in a well loved way
Toilets: There is a toilet block - I've not been inside to let you know the cleanliness level, however my hopes aren't high
Hovering Required: Definitely required for younger kids
Bring Yr Bike: There's one big long path which a whole bunch of kids were razor scootering down. Personally I thought they were a pain in the ass as I had to keep stepping out of their way - leave your bikes/scooters at home please.
Crowded: always a crown but handles it well.
Wow: I think the sheer fact that not many parks exist like this is wow enough. I mean, a hedge maze!

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