Sunday, May 15, 2011

McCaskie Park (aka Big Kid Work Park)

The flipside to the Baby Work Park is the Big Kid Work Park - situated again at QUT Kelvin Grove - this time on the corner of Kelvin Grove Road and Blamey Street. Map is here.

This is known as the Big Kid Work Park as its more a climbing park suited to more agile kids rather than the toddler audience of the Baby park. There is some contention in our household which is the best park of the two - I think that really depends on what your purpose is. Imaginative play is dominated in the baby park, but the big kid park rules for climbing and sliding and running (and now even exercising since the recent installation of some gym equipment next to the basketball court).

The thing that really jumps out at this park is the beautiful shade it has. This park is perfect for hitting on the weekend after you've done the markets, grabbed your coffee from The Boys and want to tire the kidlets out whilst you sit in the shade of the tree and drink your coffee and eat your market goodies.

The park is small - its one piece which means you can pick a spot to sit or stand and let the kids run around without you needing to follow - but has a few pieces which are really challenging for your kids and thus really pushes them forwards. There are a few suspended areas for walking - these need great coordination and really encourage your kid to take risks and learn to trust their instincts. So many parks present the possible but this park really encourages agility.

CK rates this park at 8 and I would give it 7.


Age Groups: over 3s and older
Kid Friendliness: always friendly kids - I think CK has forged a new friendship every time she's come here
Parent Friendliness: always friendly parents
Shadiness: amazing shade
Tricked Out: its got some nice little features and some brain teasing artwork
Picnic/BBQ: a few tables - i think the BBQ itself is quite far away
Shabbiness: always seems clean - its too open to be vandalised
Toilets: Nearest is down in KG Urban Village - about two minutes away
Hovering Required: No, the park isn't big enough to need to hover
Bring Yr Bike: Nope, don't bother
Crowded: a few kids each time
Wow: I don't know its going to knock their socks off but I don't think you'll hear complaints

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