Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enoggera Memorial Park (AKA Shapes Park)

Firstly, I have no idea why this is known to CK as shapes park. She talks about all the rectangles and diamonds here (and waves her finger around in a random direction when I ask about them) but they just aren't jumping out at me. For me, this has always been "New House" park - as when we were stalking our new house waiting for settlement to happen we would come here for a reason to drive past the new house. Map is here.

This is another park which you are not going to go out of your way for, but if you like in the Enoggera/Alderley area then I'd recommend coming past. I'm highlighting it today for two reasons. 1. because it is about to get a shadecloth covering it - part of BCC strategic plan to invest more money in parks and gardens and ensure that every child has access to a local playground. 2. because I've met the most amazing people at this park.

(I have to digress with the above photo - CK in full pose mode - I asked her if she deliberately put her hand on her hip and stuck out her bum and she nodded. I'm unsure how to feel about this).

Number 1 is obviously quite an incredible fact and I'm seeing lots of evidence of this commitment in my local area. Not only is Enoggera Memorial Park getting its shadecloth but Sedgeley Park (on the Newmarket/Alderley border - by Newmarket Pool) is getting a brand new playground which looks pretty swish. Enoggera Memorial Park is a long neglected park and we've always said that it would be awesome if there were just some shade to it. There are barely any trees nearby and in the heat of the day its just unbearable. I was thrilled the day I went there and there was a guy measuring it up for shadecloth.

Number 2 is a slightly longer story. Well, its not really I guess. Fact is that every single person we've met at this park WITHOUT EXCEPTION has been really really interesting. From the first lady we met who was a single mum with a daughter of CKs age (who was really warm and welcoming and confessed of co-sleeping and all the other completely natural things that people seem ashamed to admit to strangers) to the grandfather from Rocky who was skirting around the fact that when he went out mushroom hunting he wasn't looking so much for the type you put in your pasta. Both interesting characters - thoroughly engaging and thought provoking (and not as dodgy as I've made them out to be here).

This is triumphed by the day we walked down and met a film crew who were filming a story about a transgendered army officer (from the Enoggera barracks nearby) who was raising her two children with her wife - who had stuck by her during her realisation that she wanted to be a woman. They had an incredible story and were really lovely to talk to (indeed the camera crew filmed us as the "normalising" couple and the wife was a teacher's aide who was telling us how accepting and open minded the kids at the local school - where CK will go - were).

Whew, I digress from the park itself but sometimes parks are more than just swings and slides. This one certainly is.

This morning the park was school were CK went with her imaginary friend Alice (we'd watched Alice in Wonderland the night before). CK and Alice baked cakes in the "everything for sale" shop under the slide and did lots of climbing and lots of running.

This park is exceptional for bikes and (if you must) scooters. there is a bike track complete with a roundabout and lots of stop/give way signs. The number of times CK has run around the track and fallen over terribly and grazed her knee/nose is more than I can count on my fingers these days. There is one slide, two swings, some old school climbing frames and little else. Oh, and some native bees in one of the trees nearby (which I think is awesome and CK and I had a huge talk about flora and fauna today inspired by the bees).

Perhaps I should rename this "hippy park" for I sound like a complete hippy when I say that the park itself is neglected and has very little bones but its the families and nature which make this one of our favourites.

If we are talking about facilities alone - CK rates this park at 6 and I would give it 5. But you know that I'm talking more than this!


Age Groups: I think they'd probably need to be walking to enjoy this park, but it would cater to quite an old crowd given the bike paths
Kid Friendliness: best I've found
Parent Friendliness: best I've found
Shadiness: awful - the worse! But BCC is fixing in the new few weeks.
Tricked Out: nothing. nada.
Picnic/BBQ: nope.
Shabbiness: its not dirty, its not vandalised, its just neglected.
Toilets: no toilets nearby
Hovering Required: No, the park isn't big enough to need to hover
Bring Yr Bike: Yes yes yes
Crowded: never seen more than two kids here
Wow: it has no wow within the park itself but the clientele is great. Is that reflective of the park or the area - not sure.

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  1. I found your blog today when I googled a local park that I had never heard of, Enoggera Memorial Park. Found out that I'd walked through it heaps of time when I lived in Kinnen St (off Hurdcotte) in the early 2000s. But had no idea it had that rather grand name!